auction #3 ~ apple farm baby quilt

This quilt needs a cute little owner!  Do you know one?  Fabric is Apple Farm by Elea Lutz for Penny Rose.  A-dorable.

Size:  36" x 42"

Click here to read original post and see more photos.  To bid, leave your amount in a comment on THIS post.  You can bid multiple times.

This auction ends 8:00 PM MST on Monday November 7th.

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Good luck! xo k


auction #2 ~ pumpkin coin purse

I know Halloween is over, but there's always Easter, right? ;)  Fabric is Lecien Old/New 30s.

Size: 3 .25" tall x 3" wide

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This auction ends 8:00 PM MST on Monday November 7th.

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One more listing coming today!


auction #1 ~ toy buckets

This was one of the most fun procrastination projects ever!  I still plan to write up a pattern for these.  Fabric is Lecien Retro 30s Child Smile.

Please note that the removable hanging tags ARE included, but the toys aren't!  My daughter would never forgive me if I sold her bear and ... ok, I admit it ... I'm a Tupperware addict! ;)

Sizes: large is 6" tall x 5.25" wide    small is 4" tall x 4.75" wide

Click here to read original post and see more photos.  To bid, leave your amount in a comment on THIS post.  You can bid multiple times.

This auction ends 8:00 PM MST on Monday November 7th.

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This is the first of 3 items that will be posted today ... :)


AUCTION TIME! (and the first blush winner)

OK, hello everyone!  I'm super excited here because it's been a very long time since I've done a thorough tidying up and proper organizing.  In fact, I've never actually felt totally organized since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago.  (That long? Wowzers!) 

It's also been a few years since my last auction and, well, I've amassed literally dozens of "pretty by hand" projects that are now in want of a new home. (Yes I'm borrowing from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice  ... ;)

In case you weren't around here the last time, here's the deal.  As a blogger (and Instagrammer), I make things.  Lots of things.  Some of them are commissions for magazines and fabric manufacturers, some are for blog hops, some are prototypes, and some are purely for the fun of making. 

I keep a few things that I treasure and I gift many things to family and friends.  (I also let my daughters have first dibs.)  But I still have lots left over.  It's not that I don't love them all ... I DO!  It will be difficult to say goodbye.  But I must be disciplined and let go of these pretties that I don't need.  So in case you're interested in snagging something for yourself or as a Christmas gift for someone special, I'm going to auction them off here over the next few weeks.


  • I'M IN CANADA, but this auction is open worldwide!  I will ship anywhere!
  • I will post a few items each day - in separate posts/lots - for a few weeks.
  • Each item will be open for bidding for THREE days only. 
  • You can place your bid(s) in the comments section. 
  • Auction is in US dollars. 
  • Shipping will be calculated for the winner.  You will only pay exactly what the post office charges.  (I'm happy to combine shipping!)
  • Winners will be invoiced via PayPal. 
  • Each shipment will include a little thank you gift from me. ;)

The auction starts tomorrow.  Hope I see y'all then! :) xo k

*   *   *   *   *

And congratulations Lori M from Ohio!  You won the First Blush FQ bundle!  Enjoy. :)


in the mood for a little christmas yet? 

I made these quite a while ago.  This is the prototype set of my pattern Amy's Pretty Pockets (available here).  I used Flower Sugar in a very deliberate Christmasy palette.  Although I think it's kinda funny that the red gingham reminds me more of a picnic than Santa.

PS:  check back here tomorrow for a little announcement ;)


first blush ~ and a festive seasonal bunting


Hello and welcome to my stop on the First Blush Blog Hop!

When I was invited to participate in this blog hop, I looked at the fabric and thought, "Oh how cute!"  When I opened the bundle a few weeks ago, it was the beginning of October and ... well ... I guess I had Halloween on the brain because I was immediately drawn to the orange, yellow, and white prints.  Next thing I knew I was making a Candy Corn Bunting.

These versatile prints worked so well for this no-sew craft project.  They're super fun to mix and match and are the perfect scale.

I lined each linen triangle with fusible interfacing for body and to support the eyelets.  Then I just used fusible web to adhere the candy corn pieces to each triangle.  I made sure the darkest fabric (orange) is on top so it wouldn't "shadow" through the lighter colours if it was underneath.  And I didn't even bother machine stitching around the edges.  (Shhh, don't tell my mom!)  I suppose I should have, but I figured this bunting isn't going to see any wear.  So I left it raw. ;)

This project required a few trips to the fabric store.  The first time I bought the eyelets, and super skinny ribbon & tulle in orange, yellow and white.

Unfortunately, the skinny ribbon was too skinny.  It just looked super wimpy.  And the tulle?  It is soooooo wispy that I needed way too much volume to make it visible.  So I reluctantly let that element go, and went for a wider ribbon.  It turned out great.  The ribbons really play well with the prints.  And it looks great on my mantle!

Hope my little seasonal make inspires you to be creative with First Blush!  Here are all the other stops on this hop.  

 October 10 – Chris Dodsley, Made by Chrissie D
 October 11 – Sinta at Pincushion (that's me)!
 October 12 -  Fat Quarter Shop
October 13- Windham/Two Blondes and a Sewing Machine
 October 14- Jennie at Clover and Violet
 October 15- Aurifil- Erin Sampson
 October 16- Tina Egner
 October 17 – Me
 October 18 – Allison Harris
 October 19 – Erin Cox
 October 20 – Angie Wilson Gnome Angel
October 21 – Debbie at happy little cottage
 October 22 – Heidi Staples
October 23 – Leanne Elliott
 October 24- Greg Jones Grey Dogwood Studio
 October 25- Wendy Sheppard Ivory Spring
 October 26 – Stephanie Lynn Denton
 October 27 – Lisa Ruble

Now for the super fun part.  For every day of the hop, Windham Fabrics is giving away a First Blush FQ bundle PLUS a small thread box of First Blush from Aurifil!  

To enter today's giveaway, leave me a comment here with yoru favourite Halloween decoration. Contest closes Thursday, October 27th and is open to all. Winners will be chosen randomly from comments posted on blog posts and will be announced Friday, October 28th.

Good luck! xo k


wistful winds

Adorable.  That's the first word that came to my mind when I first laid eyes on Shari of Doohickey Design fame's latest collection "Wistful Winds".  I mean, melt.your.heart adorable!  The sweet little girls?  Love.  The jelly-candy fresh colours?  Yum.

I whipped up this quick little crib/playmat quilt in whatever spare time I could find over the weekend, which wasn't much.  So I pulled off this project off with a few handfuls of squares & rectangles, and then at the last minute I threw in the white stripes between each column.  Love how that white makes everything just pop.

In case you're inspired to make something similar, cut sizes are:

  • 2.5" squares
  • 2.5 x 4.5" rectangles
  • 1" strips

This quilt is so easy!  Standard cuts, no matching seams, nothing fussy at all.  I was working with Long Quarters, which are 9" x WOF (rather than Fat Quarters) so I made probably THE scrappiest binding EVER!  Love it. :)

Today is the first day of this blog tour so here's the lineup:

October   3rd:     Amy Sinibaldi -
              4th:     Amanda Niederhauser -
                         Amy Smart -
              5th:     Meagan Taylor/Kristi Jones -
                         Christine Cook -
              6th:     Elea Lutz -
                         Jodie Carleton -
              7th:     Sedef Imer -
                         Jina Barney -
              10th:   Elizabeth Evans -
                         Kimberly Bourne -
              11th:   Jemima Flendt -
                         Nadra Ridgeway -
                         Amy Chappel -
              12th:   Katie Skoog -
                         Amber Johnson -
               13th:  Angie Wilson -
                         Clare Horsman -
                         Deanna Wall -
               14th:  Melissa Mortenson -
                         Jessica Stewart  -
                         Shari Butler -

Looking forward to seeing all the lovely makes with this fabric.  Thank you Shari!  So glad you asked me to play along. :) xo k


playground showcase

I don't need to say anything.  My pictures - and Amy's new fabric, Playground - pretty much sum it all up.

Well, maybe I do need to say something ... now I have a new favourite toss cushion for my favourite chair made with fabric by my favourite designer. :) 

Oh, and one other thing ... "Amy, I heart you girl!!!" xo

I'm the second last stop on this tour.  In case you missed all the other Playground inspiration, here's the roundup.  You seriously need to check them ALL out. You will not be disappointed!  Cross my heart.

SEPT    14: Katie Skoog ~

              15: Michelle Curtis ~

              16: Peta Peace ~

              17: Minki Kim ~

              19: Jemima Flendt ~

              20: Tara J Curtis ~

              21: Alexis Wright ~

              22: Melissa LeRay ~

              23: Ali Brorsen ~

              24: Angie Wilson ~

              26: Rachel McCormack ~

              27: Stacy Olson ~

              28: Shannon Fraser ~

              29: Cristi Cooper ~

              30: Guiseppe Ribaudo ~

OCT        3: Amy Sinibaldi ~


sew illustrated book tour


  • Floral is Lecien Child Smile Fall 2016 (available soon!)
  • Green is Lecien Child Smile from a few years ago
  • Linen is Kaufman Essex Natural.

I've long admired Minki Kim's unique talent and love everything she makes.  I am in total and utter amazement at her creativity and skill.  But doing thread illustration myself?  Uh.  The thought of it scared me and - quite frankly - stressed me out!  LOL!

When Minki and Kristin Esser invited me to be part of this tour, I kinda sorta accidentally said yes because Minki has become a good friend of mine and I hate disappointing people.  But then I had many MANY moments of panic when I realized that now I was commited to MAKING something.  I stalled, procrastinated, cleaned the house, went on a holiday, and did almost everything else on my to-do list.  Seeing all the cute and adorable things that people were making from this book and got even more scared.


But even though it's been a while since I put myself this far outside of my comfort zone, I wasn't going to back out.  Not without at least trying.  So I pulled up my big girl pants and got down to it. 

Now I'm not usually one to practice things.  Never really have.  Ask my piano teacher. ;)  If I want to make something, I just do.  If it turns out, great.  If it doesn't, I'll pout for a few minutes and then move on.  It has to be something really special (or a commitment) that inspires me to learn a new skill.  (That sounds dreadfully immature as I read that back to myself ... )

The first task was to choose a project from the book. in this book is adorable and I love ALL of them!  But I eventually settled on the typewriter tote for a few reasons.  One, I'm a technical writer and I like that it's an (old-fashioned) tool of my trade.  Two, I have an English degree so I'm fond of most things "writing" related.  Three, my mom had a typewriter very much like this one and I used to play with it as a kid.  (Does anyone else remember how heavy the "shift" key was?!) 

My practice consisted of two partial executions of this pattern.  First time I didn't use interfacing ('cause I'm terrible about reading instructions, I'm embarrassed to confess).  And I tried out a few different feet on my machine that were recommended in the book to see which one worked better for me.  And then I just worked on getting used to the rhythm of free-motion drawing.  Not gonna lie ... as you can see in the photo above, I wasn't 100% confident that I was going to get the hang of it.  But I went on to the second practice, which was noticeably better.  Interfacing on the back really helped make my lines neater, and my confidence was growing.

After maybe about 20 minutes of practice I got impatient, as I tend to do when I just want to get on with something.  So I cut a large chunk of linen, drew the complete design, and went to work.

And that's it.  Honestly.  No smoke and mirrors required.  That's all it took to make my very first thread-illustrated design.  And I could not be prouder of myself or more grateful to Minki and Kristin for teaching me something new.

Thank you Ladies! xoxo

Now I need to go somewhere with my pretty, new tote.  I was thinking maybe the Apple store ... LOL!  Wouldn't it be fun to pull your laptop or iPad out of this bag?

If you're even remotely thinking about trying your hand at thread illustration, do yourself a favour and give it a whirl.  In no time you'll be wanting to replicate ... I dunno ... the Sistine Chapel ceiling or the Mona Lisa.  Or even American Gothic!  LOL!  Dive into your stash and start having fun.  (This book is available as an ebook from C&T Publishing so you can download it in a matter of minutes and be drawing within the hour.) Whatcha waitin' for! :) xo


sweet orchard tour

(I deliberately fussy cut the flap so the strawberry would be right where the snap goes.  And then I absolutely HAD to make a special trip to the fabric store just to get a package of white "O" snaps so I could frame the little strawberry on the print rather than covering it up.)

Hello!  So glad you stopped by to see what I made with Sweet Orchard by Sedef (of Down Grapevine Lane fame) for Riley Blake.

This is her first (of hopefully many more) fabric collection and it features soft and pretty shades of pink and blue, brighter colours of green and yellow, and then a few kisses of red and gray.  And it has THE sweetest motifs!

As soon as this fabric arrived in my mailbox, I was flooded with inspiration.  Soooo many cute things I want to make with it!  But I had to start somewhere so I went to this sweet little pouch - definitely one of my favourites.  (You can find the pattern on my Pinterest board here.) I think it shows of a few off the prints so well.

You can find all the other stops on this tour below ... believe me, you want to check them ALL out!

Congratulations Sedef!  xo k

15 August Nadra
15 August Sarah
16 August Jemima
16 August Anorina
17 August Lisa
17 August Minki
18 August Kimberly
18 August Keera
19 August Cassie
19 August Liz & Elizabeth
22 August Samantha
22 August Xanthe
23 August Peta
23 August Stacy
24 August Sharon
24 August Amy
25 August Sarah
25 August Kristyne
26 August Jennie
26 August Megan

apple farm tour

Oh Elea, you did it again.  Seriously.  Your sweet retro/vintage/child-themed fabric collections are truly amazing in all their adorable-ness!

The colours are vintage 30s style so anything made with it instantly has that warm, nostalgic feel.  And all the super cute motifs?  Agh!  Can't hardly stand it!  LOL!

Apple Farm.  Love it.  Get it.  Make something adorable with it.  You, and that sweet little child in your life, will be very happy. :)

Melissa at Oh How Sweet is up tomorrow so remember to check her out! 

xo k


posy garden tour

Hello again! (I know, twice in one week?! LOL!)

I was pretty excited when Carina Gardner invited me to be part of her tour to show you her beautiful new fabric collection "Posy Garden" with Riley Blake.

This collection is bright, fun, and pretty - a lovely style combination of traditional and modern. Navy, aqua, claret, and pink.  It was the pinks that stole my heart. :)

I needed to make a little "because you are special" gift for a friend and decided to use the pinks for a quick and practical gift.  I used my own Amy's Pretty Pockets pattern to make this coordinating set of zippered pouches.

Now I want to make a set in every colourway! (One can never have too many handmade gifts in the closet for those last-minute emergency gift-giving situations ...)

Here are all the stops on this tour.

Monday, August 1st: My Sewing Haven with Carla Peicheff
Tuesday, August 2nd Happy Little Cottage with Debbie Homick
Tuesday, August 2nd The Family Hearth with Bridgette McNay
Wednesday, August 3rd Fort Worth Fabric Studio with Lindsey Weight
Wednesday, August 3rd Happy Quilting Melissa with Melissa Corry
Thursday, August 4th Pretty By Hand with Kristyne Czepuryk
Thursday, August 4th Out of the Blue with Sondra Davison
Friday, August 5th Samelia’s Mom with Anorina Morris
Friday, August 5th Free Time Frolics with Adrienne Woods
Monday, August 8th Flamingo Toes with Bev McCullough 
Monday, August 8th Silly Mama Quilts with Brooke Sellmann
Tuesday, August 9th Snickerdoodle Stew with Jessica Stewart
Tuesday, August 9th A Little Patchwork with Ange Hamilton
Wednesday, August 10th Ameroonie Designs with Amy Chappell
Thursday, August 11th One Little Pooh with Tina
Thursday, August 11th Jedi Craft Girl with Amanda Neiderhauser
Friday, August 12th Stitching Revival with Christine Cook

pretty playtime blog tour

Hi there!  Welcome to my stop on the Pretty Playtime Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop.  I'm so excited about this book.  It's the first - of hopefully many more - by Elea Lutz.  She designs the CUTEST fabrics for Riley Blake and this collection called Strawberry Biscuit is no exception.  And to see an entire book of quilts filled with designs custom made for this fabric?!  Do.die.for.

I literally whipped up this Basket Block in about an hour because the instructions are so easy to follow (especially if you have a package of Alphabitties!)

Here are all the other lovely ladies on this tour.  So many pretty things to see!

Week 2 - Erin from Why Not Sew?
Week 3 - Wynn from Zakka Art
Week 4 - Anorian from Samelia's Mum
Week 5 - Amy from Diary of a Quilter
Week 6 - Renee from Sewn with Grace
Week 7 - Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon
Week 8 - Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl
Week 9 - Debbie from Happy Little Cottage
Week 10 - Tina from Emily Ann's Kloset
Week 11 - Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting
Week 12 - Me
Week 13 - Heidi from Fabric Mutt
Week 14 - Brigitte from The Family Hearth
Week 15 - Lorrie from Sew Mod Designs
Week 16 - Kristin from They Grow Up Too Fast

Congratulations my dear sweet Elea! Looking forward to your next book. :)


splendid sampler ~ block 35

Have you been following this amazing Splendid Sampler quilt-a-long? There's something for everyone, that's for sure.  I still shrug my shoulders when I try to figure out how I was lucky enough to be invited to design a block for this epic venture by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.  Well done, ladies!  My hat is off to you.

I was asked to design a block for the "embroidery" category.  Perfect.  I love any excuse to pull out my boxes of floss.  But I was mindful that not everyone will be embroidering their blocks.  So I came up with something that would look equally nice with or without stitchery.  (How about using an interesting stripe to replace the embroidery?)

My "splendid" thing is a wishful garden.  If you've followed me for a while, you'll know that the few times I've mentioned gardening are usually to lament over my disappointing failures in the horticulture department.  I live in Zone 3.  If you're not familiar with climate zones, 0 is the arctic circle, so I'm not very far south from that!  LOL!  Anyhow, my beloved English cottage garden is pretty much impossible here.  I was getting sorta good at growing things for a little while, but then I became a mom and ... well ... gardening will forever take a back seat to my family and sewing ;).

However, I can stitch up rows of flowers in no time that will forever be in bloom (and will never need to be weeded)!  I went a little old school here with some traditional crazy quilt stitching, but I like how they look less crazy, more orderly in four straight rows.  And what a lovely thought to have a strawberry patch at the end of every garden path.

I hope you enjoy making this block, with or without embroidery.

You can find the free pattern for this and all Splendid Sampler blocks here. Also, find both piecing and embroidery tutorials on YouTube by Penguin and Fish here!  xo k


garden path slim case ~ a little summer project


They just never get old, do they.  Especially when they're Engish paper pieced. ;)  Here's my latest pattern featuring a mere 33 hexagons and measuring in at just 1/2" each. 

If you're intimidated by little, please don't be!  I hear that comment so often from quilters.  For some reason, many very skilled sewists and quilters shy away from smaller sizes because ... well, I'm not exactly sure why.  I suppose for cutting and machine piecing, accuracy is more important - or rather - smaller pieces are less forgiving.  I understand that. 

But when it comes to EPP, the technique is indential to larget pieces.  And as far as I'm concerned, smaller seams are faster!  LOL!  (Although yes you have more of them in a larger project she said speaking from experience. ;)

Anyhow, I made this case last summer when I was on a holiday in Palm Springs.  It was published in Love Patchwork & Quilting (Issue 28) last December and now it's finally available in my shop here. (PDF only)

I designed it to fit pencils, but I deliberately didn't call it the "Garden Path Pencil Case" because it can be used for so much more ... makeup brushes, sewing notions like scissors, rulers, etc., lunch utensils for the office ...

When I was deciding on prints for the feature hexagon path, I found the prettiest FQ cheater panel in my stash by Atsuko Matsuyama.  It was the easiest thing to cut out a few hexagons that looked scrappy by coordinated perfectly.  Love that.

I couldn't NOT add a few embroidered knots, but you don't have to if you don't want to.  Totally optional.

The closure? Easy peasy lemon squeezy - a simple snap.  No zippers, no magnets, no button holes ... just the most basic, utilitarian snap. 

Oh, and by the way, this little case would make a great teacher gift. ;)


quilted bags & gifts ~ a giveaway

I'm really happy about this news.  Akemi Shibata's book is finally available in English and I happen to have a spare copy to give away.  Zakkaworkshop kindly asked me to help as one of the English editors and I'm really proud to have been involved in bringing this lovely book to the English-speaking part of the world.  It has so many beautiful and fun projects.  I've already made two (including the coolest bag I've ever made ;) and I plan to make more cute things.

Ok.  To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment here stating your favourite season. That's it!

Happy Sunday, all!

xo k

PS:  Zakkaworkshop - along with selling the book in their online shop - will also be selling all the cool hardware that is used in this book.  I'll let you know when!


arguably the coolest bag i've ever made

From the second I laid eyes on this quilted bag in a Japanese book I was editing, I KNEW I was going to make it.  My curiosity demanded it.  I'd never seen anything quite like it and I loved everything about it ... the shape, size, handles, patchwork, colours, monogram with embroidered outline, and of course the super cool swivel hook clasp.

At a glance, it looks pretty straight forward.  The patchwork is made from simple sashed squares set on point.  The body is mostly just top-stitching (also should have been done by hand).  Add a quick appliqued letter and throw on some handles and boom! there you have it.

However, like many clever Japanese designs, this one requires a little more attention than you think.  The squares are an odd size, and the patchwork pieces are cut with templates.  So when you're cutting/piecing them together, if your seam allowances aren't precise, the wheels fall off. 

About the appliqued letter - the book only comes with a template for "A", I'm assuming after the author Akemi Shibata.  So I had to find a font on my computer, get the correct size, and make my own template from there.  The gorgeous fabric I was given by Lecien is just so lovely to work with, but it's a thicker woven that isn't usually used for applique.  It took a little more attention to get the corners right.  Not gonna lie, the embroidered outline hides a little of my .. er ... less then perfect points. ;)

About the colours.  I know, I know, NOT something you'd think I'd like, right?  But I was kinda mesmerized by the interesting mix of black, brown, blue, green, and yellow.  So I dove into my stash and found it surprisingly easy to come up with these prints - 3 of each colour - and (almost) all from Lecien.  The original bag also used a fun book/letter print for the sashing so when I found this one in amongst all my "script" fabrics (of which I have several, so it turns out), I knew it would be perfect.  Don't be surprised if I end up making an entire quilt with these colours.  I won't be. LOL!

And then the hardware.  Love it.  Love it, love it, love it.  But here's the thing.  I needed to use dark thread to go with the leather, but the lining of the bag is very light.  I didn't want the stitches to show through and I didn't want to applique a "bandaid-cover-up patch" over the stitches on the inside afterwards.  Soooooo, I just took my time and stitched the handles and swivel hook - which have pre-punched holes - very slowly and carefully by only catching the top layer of fabric and batting with my needle.  Somewhat tedious, but well worth the results.  For me.

I got several questions about the red handles from my last post.  All the hardware from both of these bags will be available very soon from ZakkaWorkshop, the company that is publishing the English version of Akemi's book, "Quilted Bags & Gifts".

Happy weekend to you! xo k


they call me "the bag lady" ...

For a time, I worked at a quilt shop sewing shop samples, teaching classes, designing projects, and writing patterns.  My favourite thing was to make and teach bag classes - especially Japanese designs from books and magazines.  For me, they provide the perfect balance of design and interesting bag construction.  I learned something new from every project and was always eager to start the next one.  It didn't take long for me to earn the nickname "the bag lady".  So many times I'd be introduced to a customer and they'd say, oh YOU'RE the bag lady!  LOL!  It was fun, and I enjoyed it.

Ironically, I don't like carrying a purse.  Never have.  I'm good with just a wallet.  And for evenings out, my husband's suit pockets work great. ;)  I reluctantly carried around a tote of sorts when my girls were babies.  But now?  Not so much.  I've been going to a fitness place 3x/week now for almost 4 months and I carry my sneakers in a plastic shopping bag!  LOL!  I'm totally not kidding you.  My girls make fun of me saying that for someone who makes/owns so many bags, I have no excuse to NOT use a cute bag.  Excuse?  I don't even have an explanation.

I finally replaced the plastic bag with a cloth one last week, but it was a gift with purchase, not even one I made.  I know.  Again, no explanation.

That was my lead-in to this latest project ... a Japanese bag from Akemi Shibata's book, "Quilted Bags & Gifts" that will be available very soon in English!  I had the pleasure of working as a technical editor on the book, and was also asked to make a few bags for quilt market.

This little beauty is called "Two Way Hexagon Bag" - two way because it has both hand handles and a shoulder strap.  Oh how I love this bag!  Among the more obvious and charming features, it has a hidden pocket in the front, a zipper installed by hand, and I love the little finger tab on the end of the zipper.  And then there's the lovely red leather handles and strap!  I used Lecien's Mrs. March scraps from my stash that I've collected (hoarded) over the years. 

To me, this is not a 100% true rendition of a Japanese bag ~ I had to cheat a little with this one because of time.  I made the hexagons slightly larger so I had less EPP hand-stitching, and I wish I had time to hand quilt the hexagons too, but I had to settle for machine.  In fact, ALL the quilting should have been done by hand.  (Sigh.)  I machine-stitched the zipper bindings down rather than hand stitched them.  And the zipper tab was supposed to be two covered buttons, but the store was out of the correct size so I used a technique I'd learned from other patterns and that didn't require anything special.  And in the interest of FULL disclosure, the little loops to hold the D-rings for the shoulder strap also should have been hand-stitched in place.  I just caught them under the top zipper binding.  Ok, those are all of my sins confessed for this project.

I made another bag from Akemi's book that I'll show you soon.  It has a fighting chance of becoming my official "work-out" bag ... when I get it back after Quilt Market. :)

xo k


a spoonful of sugar ~ book tour

Lisa Cox has been a fixture in our blog community for many years and she never fails to delight us with beautiful photographs, pretty fabrics, and inspiring projects/tutorials.  I was over-the-moon happy when I heard she was writing a book!

It's finally here and I have great pleasure of showing you one of the projects from "A Spoonful of Sugar".

You know, I've been meaning to make a sewing portfolio for ... a really long time.  My sister even asked me to make one when her store-bought one was falling apart (back in the 90s or early 2000s ... I wasn't kidding when I said a really long time!).  I just never got around to it, I guess.  So when I saw Lisa's verison, I simply needed to make it.

I used all "Flower Sugar" fabrics by Lecien.  The main fabrics on the cover and the inside are from the newest collection that's coming out later this year.  But the handle fabric is about four years old and the binding fabric is from five years ago!  That's one of the things I love about Flower Sugar - it mixes so well from year to year.

Oh, and the solid pink is a Lecien Flower Sugar basic.

My first fabric pull for this project was pink for the main fabrics and yellow for contrast.  But at the last minute, I remembered my recent apology to yellow and a promise to myself to use it more often, so I did a last minute switcheroo.  I love how sunny and happy it looks.  Yellow is just cheerful.  Period.

A few "full-disclosure" items:

One - the original pattern in the book has a delightful hourglass patchwork cover, but sadly I didn't have enough time so the cover of this one is just something I made up on the fly, it's not in the book. 

Two - I'm really naughty about reading instructions carefully.  I'm embarrassed about that, but it's true.  It's quite ironic too, because if you've ever bought one of my patterns, you may have read the "Please Read Carefully" clause on the first page!  LOL!  Gotta love karma ... I got caught with this pattern.  One of the photos of the finished project shows what I thought was a decorative measuring tape ribbon stitched to the inside.  I thought it was a sweet and clever design detail, and I just so happened to have such a thing it my ribbon box.  I realized later that it is an actual measuring tape that's supposed to be functional!  (I'm such a donut sometimes, honestly.)

Three - I fussy cut a pretty rose for the tab closure and decided to use a magnetic clasp rather than a snap that would hide some of the rose.  That's just the way I roll.

I hope you are inspired to make one of these super handy portfolios for yourself, or even for a gift for a sewist you know.  If you've never sewn with plastic before, don't be scared!  The sewing machine goes through it like butter. 

I'm only one of many stops on this book tour.  Here's a list of all the blogs you can visit to find out more about Lisa's book that I think belongs in every sewist's library. :)

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April 30 – Beverley McCullough from Flamingo Toes

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May 6 – Me ;)

May 7 – Bronwyn Hayes from Red Brolly

May 9 –  Anorina Morris from Samelia’s Mum

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May 18 – Wynn Tan from Zakka Art

May 19 – Lisa Cox from A Spoonful of Sugar

Lisa, thanks a million for inviting me to participate in this book tour.  Your work delights and inspires me always.  Congratulations on a lovely book.  Looking forward to your encore publication! ;)  xo k


strawberry biscuit blog hop

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Strawberry Biscuit blog hop.  The designer of this fabric - Elea Lutz - has become such a delightful friend of mine and I'm completely honoured that she asked me to share with you some things I was inspired to make with her adorable fabric collection.  I'm pretty sure that you'll be inspired too.  The designs are bright, happy, sweet, adorable, cute, with lots of pink and bows and flowers ... what's not to like?

I've had so much fun sewing with these pretty fabrics.  First up is a cosmetic bag that's pink with lace and strawberries and a little "handmade" label.  It's basically everything my "grey/skull pouch" daughter didn't want. ;)

These pouches are just so darned fast and easy and PRACTICAL, I thought it'd be fun to make another one in the blues from Strawberry Biscuit.  I threw in a little yummy citrus lime solid (also Riley Blake) for a little contrast.

Next up is a tote from a Japanese book by Atsuko Matsuyama.  The original pattern has a cute little patchwork pocket on the front.  I immediately thought the patchwork print in this fabric collection would substitute perfectly - as well as save me some piecing time.

Last, but not least, I found another perfect project for the patchwork print (so cute!) ... one of my own patterns called "Thank Heaven for Little Girls".  (Click here to find the pattern in my shop.)  I've literally made dozens of these sweet little purses over the years for my daughters and all their friends.  I've never met a little girl that didn't like to put all her tiny treasures in a purse to carry around, whether it's just in the house, to a play date, running errands with mom, or to church.

This "cameo" charm was fussy cut from one of the prints ... sooooo vintagy-retro-y cute!

Well, that's it for me, for now. ;)  Hope you enjoyed my Strawberry Biscuit makes.  Click here for a list of all the blogs to visit and the dates of this tour.  There are so many talented sewists and beautiful projects ... I promise you won't want to miss a single day of it!

xo k