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happy flower qal week 37

 So if you didn't know that I am Canadian, you'd swear I was going all star spangled banner with this one.  I really like it.  Super bright and classic, with just a wee bit of mismatching to make it interesting and unique. :)

If you are looking ahead, the applique block next week is another flower with lots of yellow petals, so I went with this pretty pastel lime green.  I'm rethinking the busy print for the flower center - may switch it for a solid or check.  Or possibly go with orange.  Maybe.  We'll see.

This block also gave me a bit of trouble.  There was to big a space between the second and third petal (from the left) so I unpicked and repositioned both the first and second petals.  But the space was still too big and I didn't feel like doing that rework again.  So I added an extra petal instead.  Now it looks a bit crowded, but I think it's better than the weird space. ;)


UPDATE:  Ok, ok, ok.  I pulled up my big girl pants and just got to it.  Sooooo much happier with it now :) Also, amazing how different daylight affects colour!)

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