Expanding One's Creative Horizons

Remember this quilt I designed for Lecien's booth at Quilt Market last October? 

Well, I've been asked to design & make another one (... or two) for Quilt Market in Kansas City next month.


I know.  I can't believe it either!  I'm still pinching myself. 

This set of FQs from their "Quilter's First Collection" arrived in the mail last week.

I opened the package like a kid on Christmas morning.  

Check this out ... there's a pleasing combination of teeny dots,

large florals,

medium florals,

checks in my preferred size ... bitty ... ;)

light florals (LOVE those tiny little dots in the background!),

pokey-dotty stripes that remind me of grosgrain ribbon,

small florals on a very subtle diagonal pinstripe that will give texture and movement to any quilt,

and the cutest ever teensy weensy calicos that say "sweet" but not "sacharin" ... (squeal!)

Colorwise, this collection has a versatile & complimentary mix of reds,





and even pinks

& a few (dotted) whites.

The funny thing - at least to me - is that they don't necessarily read as a "fabric line".  The colors and prints have been selected so cleverly that they look more like a fabulous collection of vintage scraps, like someone raided Grandma's basket of precious leftover bits from shirts and dresses and such. 

But then I sorta scratched my head.  Hmmm.  Wasn't sure what to do!  You have to agree that these colors don't exactly look like my stash, right? 

If left to my own devices, I'd probably only ever make pink and white quilts.  And then I'd get so bored I'd want to shoot myself.  Plus I'm often (too) quick to turn up my nose at things that don't fit my narrow-minded taste.  When I walk thru a quilt store I take milliseconds to decide if I like something and even less time to decide if I DON'T.  Not necessarily a quality that leads to creative satisfaction.

However, if there's one thing I learned sewing samples for a quilt shop for six years is that working with fabrics that fall outside my ... er ... prejudicial preferences ... makes me a better designer, a more satisfied quilter and a girl with broadened horizons.  All good things.


My point (and yes, I have one) is that my foolish narrow-mindedness would have prevented me from buying this beautiful fabric that is absolutely FULL of character, texture, subtlety, tradition and dynamic color tension. 

That said, when I first laid my hands on them I was totally stumped in terms of what to make.  But the creative process always takes me by surprise.  I never know what will inspire me or how I will overcome self-imposed mental blocks.

One of my favorite tricks - and you've seen me do this so often with my Farmer's Wife blocks and even with my Embroidery Sampler - is to find an emotional or sentimental connection with the fabric/design.  With this fabric I saw "Little House on the Prairie", the dresses worn by Laura & Mary which were made by Mrs Ingalls with calicos bought from that mean old Mrs Oleson.

Another trick of late is to take a stack of fabric to the tv room, spread them all out on the ottoman which sits between the couch and the tv, and then just quietly wait for the fabric to start talking to me ... no pressure ... I'm not staring at them constantly ... I'm just letting them be and waiting for my subconcious to connect with them.  Watching my new favorite show "AWAKE" with my husband also seems to help.  (LOVE this show!  Can't get over that he's Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter!) 

This trick worked like a charm because by the 3rd commercial break I found myself wanting to pair up the FQ into dark & light color sets, like this. 

Seems my OCD personality craves order.

Sorting these prints into pairs was so much fun for me ...

... it's how I get my jollies.

Admit it ... you've got fabric idiosyncracies too!

Sixteen pairs in total - a very nice number of blocks to work with.

Then I totally got butterflies in my tummy knowing a quilt design was being born. 

These few leftovers didn't seem to want to cooperate with the picture growing in my mind ...

so I just set them aside ... for now.

The reveal tomorrow or Thursday ... depending on how fast I can get it done!


Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 48

Red, White & Pink

#13 Buckwheat

This block is gluten-free.


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley & rye and a host of lesser known grains.  It is a virtual poison to those suffering from Celiac Disease and other "wheat" intolerances.  If you or someone you know is Celiac - like my daughter - you will know that despite the name, "buckwheat" is a grain which happily is absent of gluten. 

And buckwheat is not only gluten-free, it's delicious ... especially in the pancakes Daddy often makes for us on Saturday mornings.

So I love this block. 

Because it's gluten-free.

#74 Ribbons

I wanted to make this block look like a twisted ribbon with two prints in the same color but different textures for both sides of the ribbon.

I love it. 

Although I can't TELL you how many times I've tried to pick off this little strand of "thread" ...

which is actually part of the print!  It's driving me crazy.  I think I might find a red permanent marker to color it out.

In fact ...

Crap.  Can't find one. 

But I will! 

'Cause I'm a little neurotic quirky that way.


It's All Just Smoke & Mirrors Over Here People

For those of you who think I never make mistakes when I sew and that all my projects turn out perfectly all the time - thank you so much for the compliment, but - let me present to you Exhibit A ...

Need clarification?

Exhibit B ... my new one.

See the difference? 

I use my stitch ripper so much I've almost completely worn away the letters!

I only show you my work when it looks good ... AFTER I've fixed my screw-ups ... all smoke & mirrors, I assure you. ;)

Happy weekend everyone!


Hexagon Love Affair

For the longest time, I had this oh so pretty Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Garden Rose pile of fat quarters on one side of my desk.

And these two templates on the other side. 

I bought these fabrics here a while ago and for a long time I didn't know what I was going to do with them.  I just liked to stare at them while I was working away at my computer.

I've also had a love affair with hexagons since my very first quilt ... in 1987 ... and the several quilts that followed ... all English paper-pieced.

My girlfriend had these templates and I've been dying to make something with them ... just didn't know what.

Until one day I FINALLY made the connection.  DUH!!!  Use the fabrics & the templates for the same project!  (Sometimes it takes me a loooooooong time to connect such obvious dots.

So I got to work.

Happy work.

Very pretty happy work. :)

The kind of work that (almost) makes you totally forget you have any responsibilities at all ... you know, like picking up your children from school and making dinner ... (why doesn't my family like to eat peanut butter sandwiches or cereal for supper?  It's not like my cooking is anything to write home about!)


I'm a Lucky Blogger

Wanna know why?

'Cause I have like the nicest readers EVER.

That's right.  I had a giveaway (several months ago now ...) and the winner took time to send me a thank you note ... in the mail! 

Not only that, she sent a HANDMADE card,

personalized with my favorite appliance in my favorite color.

And by the way, it is just my humble opinion, but quilters have superior skills when it comes to other crafts like scrapbooking and cardmaking.

See?  A perfect mix of a solid (scalloped applique, no less), floral & check ...

... even stitched together with a zigzag.  (LOVE that!)

With the sweetest message inside.

But the best thing about a homemade card is this ...

the logo on the back by the maker.

Thank you for the thank you, Becky!


Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 47

Red, Pink, Yellow & White

While reviewing my nerd sheet for this week's colors I was surprised this combination had escaped me!  Wohooo!!! Something new. :)

#44 - Gentleman's Fancy

I waffled sooo many times on the colors for this block.  I thought I'd do it in "boy" colors ... blue & gray. 

But as much as I like to invent SOME sort of meaning or purpose or story to my blocks, this one came out this way because a) it could handle 4 colors and b) I was in the mood for something easy after ...

#95 - Temperance Tree

... THIS 41-piece monster! 

Now, IF I were to make this block again ... and chances of that ever happening are slim-to-none ... and Slim just rode out of town on his horse ... I'd change the yellow triangles to white.  I like the tree-type blocks to look really graphic.  I threw the yellow in there out of necessity.

I'm ok with the results, just not over the moon happy with it.


Mystery Block of the Month 10

Ok.  This is DEFINITELY my favorite block so far in this project.

Just LOOK at it!  So cute.

I admit to fussy cutting the red floral.  I didn't want big blank spaces of solid red.  There are still a few "bald spots".  But overall I got the look I was going for ... very flowery/blossomy.

And the polka dots in the corners?  Love.

Designed by Gudrun Erla of GE Quilt Designs.

She's from Iceland, you know!  I think that is ... SUPER COOL.  Cool as in totally awesome, not as in polar bears & frostbite. 


Mystery Block of the Month 9

I do NOT know what was UP with me for this block ...

I think I messed up on at least half of the outside points!

(Designed by the HILARIOUS sister team of Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson!)

Although now that I think about it, I was sewing this block on a Saturday nite when hubby and the kids were out, leaving me with several unadulterated hours of freedom!

So I may have had a beer with my leftover chili supper (which I zapped in the microwave and then ate standing up in my sewingroom while I stared at my WIP) ...  guess I shouldn't drink & sew!  LOL!  Mind you, I really shouldn't drink and do ANYTHING! 

Anyhow, here's another group shot.

Only 3 blocks left! Eeeeep!

Has anyone else started working on the finishing kit yet?  I think I'm gonna start on all the flower stems ...


Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 46

Pink, Green, Gray & White

This color combination came about as a .. well ... like this:

#36 - Flower Garden Path

When I read the name of this block my poor brain went literal.  The main detail in the block is the big X - presumably the path made of grass.  Then I saw beautiful stone benches one sees in romantic, French, palatial gardens.  You know, like Versaille.  So my garden has 4 benches. 

And then what color flowers?  "Pink", said Queen of the Obvious.

I love the light and airy feel of this garden ... no dirt, bugs or worms anywhere. :)

#98 - Waterwheel

I'm starting to feel a little restricted by my "two blocks with the same colors" approach.  With only about 20 blocks left my color format is becoming ... tedious.  I may have to let that go soon.

However, I managed to make a mate for the above with this block.

At first I was a little disappointed.  Didn't like the fussy cut flowers in the middle.  And didn't think the contrast between the gray & green was strong enough.

But then my feelings moved from disappointment to indifference to possibly a hint of like.  Whatever the reason, this block is growing on me. 


Happy Easter!


Couldn't decide which photo I liked best.

According to my daughters,

they should ALL have jelly beans in them.

Happy Easter!


Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

We have to say goodbye to someone special today ... my daughter's Grade 3 teacher (who also taught my older daughter).  As far as teachers go our family has been pretty lucky, but Mrs M really topped them all.

She got married last summer and in September when we found out she'd be my daughter's teacher for the second year in a row (yay!) I informed her that she & her husband were allowed to ... you know ... "get busy" in another month because we needed her until the end of June. 

Jokingly of course. 

Sort of.

Sometimes I say inappropriate things like that to people, especially if I've known them for a while.  But she got this weird look on her face.  I thought she was just a little surprised that a parent would say something that ... personal.  A few months later I learned the reason for that look ... she had NOT waited for my permission to get busy!

Anyhow we are all very happy and excited about her new arrival due later this month.  But we're also very sad to lose the best teacher ever.

My daughter - the same little munchkin who made this,

and this,

really wanted to make her a farewell gift.  So here's what she did.

Found a font she liked for the letter "J", Mrs M's first initial, and printed it out.  I gave her a piece of white fabric, she picked a floss color, grabbed my light board and got to work. 

The note on her Template says "Don't throw out! Thx :)"   Apparently my children are used to me tossing out unidentified bits paper they leave lying around.

She stitched this up in about 25 minutes. 

Did I mention she's 9?  You can't see me here but my chest just exploded all over my keyboard with that special & unique sort of pride that can only be known by a mama for her little one.  You know, the kind that can reduce you to a puddle of tears?  Especially if you have PMS?  (Excuse me for a sec while I go get the mop ...)

When she finished the embroidery, however, she didn't know what to do with it.  I suggested a lavender sachet ... 'cause ... well ... what can I say ... I'm just really excellent at solving crafting emergency problems.

Another 25 minutes later and we had this ...

I wish you could smell it.

Happy motherhood, Mrs M.  We will miss you!


Mystery Block of the Month 7

I signed up for this project with a friend.  But she lives almost an hour away and our schedules are turning out to be far from compatible.  We've only managed to get together ONCE last Fall to sew our blocks.  I cheated a little and did a few more without her, but I felt so guilty for going a little ahead so I haven't made any since.

But I'm starting to feel so disorganized and I have so many other projects going on here that I just NEEDED to get caught up with this & start planning the final quilt.  So she graciously gave me permission to continue if I promised to still help her when we can get together. 

Done. :)

So!  Here's block #7 ... only about 5 months late.

It was designed by the lovely Cyndi Walker.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Quilt Market last year.  Super nice girl.

Cute, eh? 

While making this block I realized these are my two favorite prints ... polka dots and little flowers on a tiny dot background.


Workspace Makeover, Part V

Whoops!  I got so distracted with my Daisychain Sampler I forgot to finish off my Makeover tour

So.  Guess whose fabric I used for the drapes? 

Right, Laura Ashley. :) 

People, I was SO not kidding about bows being genetic for me.

And guess where I got the lace panel? 

Right again!  (I totally bought it before I was married & had a house.)

Yeah, I agree the lace should probably go.  It's a bit fussy.  And don't look too close 'cause it's seen better days.  But I keep it for now because I like how it lets in the light and I can see what's happening outside my window, but the neighbors can't see me if/when I'm still in my jammies.  There's a roller blind behind the lace that closes every night for privacy.

I found this mannequin a few summers ago in Utah.  It was an impulse buy.  I thought she would look pretty and add interest in the corner without hogging the space because she's not a solid object. 

She does look really nice right now - especially with the pink bolts of old Moda barkcloth and laminated fabric.  But she's usually hidden under ... stuff.

One of the things I'm very happy about is my table. 

My uncle made it for us as a wedding present and it was our kitchen table for a long time.  I positioned it with the short side against the wall so I could have 3 accessible sides.  I sew on the one side but I can cut from all 3 sides - very helpful when I'm cutting yardage and I don't have to lift the fabric to turn it around.  The cutting mat is 24" x 36".

I hang all my rulers here on the end ... nails installed by moi.

A scribble on the drawer from years ago by one of my daughters that I just can't bring myself to scrub away.

And now the best part of all ... the fabric.

My books, (lots of Japanese craft books & magazines) and a portion of Moda Simplicity on the top shelf.  My Moda Fig Tree stash underneath ... the pile in the foreground will be used to finish my Mystery Block of the Month quilt ... another project I've neglected but will be catching up on this week.

Lecien/Japanese, whites & brights ...

Romantic and very pretty shabby chic colors ...

And some of my lovely pins from my lovely friend Gigi.

I think I should be embarrassed that this is (most of, but not all) my fabric AFTER getting rid of about 150 lbs!  Yikes!  I better get sewing!

So there you have it.  (Check out these earlier posts to see the rest of my Sewing Room Makeover Series.)  It's not perfect.  And I'm not a professional decorator or anything.  (And there's probably an ugly rubbermaid container and a few ... er ... several ... other things hiding in the hallway while I take these photos.)

But I really like being here.  This place suits me just fine ... as long as I keep the hoarding and the shoving and clutter under control.

Confession:  You know how you have to hold in a fart when you're in public? And then when you're finally alone you can "let loose" and be normal?  Yeah, well, now that the photo shoot is over my room just farted.


Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 45

Gray & White

According to my nerdy chart, I'm still really behind with gray.  So in the event I never catch up, I decided to do the backgrounds of both blocks gray instead of white.

#76 - Sawtooth

I always thought I was going to use a larger print on that nice big triangle ... but I just couldn't resist those little posies.  Man are they ever cute!

#75 - Rosbud

Speaking of "Rosebud", have you seen the critically acclaimed movie "Citizen Kane"?  My husband & I finally watched it a few years ago.  We didn't get it ... you know, the whole "this is like one of the most totally awesomest movies ever made in the history of forever".

We much prefer watching things like "America's Funniest Home Videos".  I laugh hysterically during the clips where people get scared/surprised.  

Sorry.  I've tried to cure myself of finding that sort of thing funny, especially since I don't like it when people scare me.  I'm profoundly aware of my hypocracy. 

But I just can't help it.

What make you laugh?


Daisychain Sampler "U"

Ok, this was kind of a weird one to do.

But also super cool (I think I've been using that phrase too much lately ... but I can't think of any other way to decribe it right now so ... super cool it is.)

I kept thinking feathers on an arrow, as in bow & arrow.  Can you see it too?  Or am I just going completely mental here?

I was also asked about my needle size yesterday so I thought I'd do a little show & tell on the subject.

My favorite brand - Jeana Kimball's Embroidery/Redwork needles.  Love them.

And my favorite size is 10.  HOWEVER, I ran out of 10s and have been resorting to an old pack of 9s lately ... which are longer.  Embroidery needle numbering is such that the larger the number, the smaller the needle.  Totally decided by a man, I'm sure! LOL!

But I don't like buying new needles if I have some that still work, even though they are a little cumbersome. 

Anyhow, a #9 embroidery needle is about 1 3/4" long. 

I think my needle looks so big in my photos because it's really hard to judge the size of my letters without accurate reference ... they are just over 1 1/4" tall.

Remember, I like little. ;)

And since it's the end of another row ... AND it's Friday ...


And one more thing ...

As to my plans for this Sampler when the embroidery is done, still no final decision.  But the floss was inspired - in part - by these fabrics ... Moda's Seaside Rose from about 7? - 8? years ago?

I may or may not use them for the finished piece.  All I know is that it will become a wallhanging of some sort.

All right, that was 2 weeks of Daisychain Sampler catch up and it sure felt good!  But my old tendonitis is starting to bark at me a little and my sister has gone home so I should take a little break.  Kay?

Oh wait, and just one MORE thing ... I've had a few questions lately about the floss I'm using. 

Here's a link to a previous post with all that info, including where to buy the pattern, the floss and what colors I'm using.  There's also a category called Daisychain Sampler under Tags on the right side of my blog where you can check out my progress to date.  ;)

Happy weekend everyone!


Daisychain Sampler "T"

You guys are just like totally awesome with all your pink S snake remedies!  From trumpets to tubas you had some fantastic alternative visuals.  But my favorite - and the most popular solution - was to fill in the curl at the end of the so-called tongue.  I'm gonna do that.

But the problem in my mind is already solved because for the rest of my life when I see that "S" I will think of you and how funny and kind and generous you all are. :)

Also thank you for letting me know I'm in good snake-phobia company. :)  I know it's irrational.  And I don't want my daughters to inherit my junk ... I've gotten over A LOT of some pretty major hangups since becoming a mom ... like catching diarrhea with my bare hands and pulling teeth out another human being's head (that is just.not.cool!  and that's what DAD'S are for!)  But this snake thing ... I dunno.

But now on to T.  This was a super fun one for me.

I loved how the colors in this letter turned out ...

... that what a happy coincidence Alicia's original Sampler has the reverse coloration and it works here for my Sampler too. 

LOL!  "Coloration!"  Look at me using such a fancy schmancy word ... guess I'm feelin' kinda cerebral today ...

AND I got to do the long-short stitch again.

Sooo simple.

And yet sooo fun and cool looking.


Am I right or am I right?

Tee hee!  I knew it.  I'm right. ;)


Daisychain Sampler "S"

It's amazing how much embroidery I can get done when my sister is visiting.  I really wish I had more stitchy friends that lived near by.

Why is it so hard to find people who like to sit around, drink tea, maybe eat yummy snacks, chat about whatever and make pretty designs on fabric with a simple needle and lovely thread?

Oh, and a few people asked me last week what I'm going to do with this Sampler when it's done.  I do know it'll be hung on the wall.  I'm leaning towards some sort of patchwork piecing to frame it.  Maybe just in a frame.  Haven't decided for sure.  I'll have to play around a bit.  I'm open to suggestions ...

This letter is done with a backstitch fill.

Which was totally ok with me.

'Cause it doesn't really matter (at least to me) if the stitches aren't all the same length.

And it has such a neat texture.

[Insert panic here]

Oh crap!  NOW all of a sudden it looks like a pink snake - all poised like a hooded cobra, sticking out its tongue and ready to strike ... I HATE snakes!!! 

No, you don't understand!  I mean REALLY ... as in full blown phobia ... as in like Indiana Jones only add screaming like a girl running in the opposite direction with arms flailing in the air!!!  (I won't even go into the reptile house at the zoo ... )

[Insert reconsidering very irrational response to thought of a snake in my Sampler and attempting to regain SOME semblance of maturity here] 

But then again, maybe I don't like them because they don't come in pink ... maybe I could learn to like pink snakes ... hmmm, I'm gonna have to think about that one ...


Farmer's Wife Quilt Along Week 44

Color Riot!

#32 - Farmer's Daughter

A few months ago I was smurfing the Interweb and came across this cutie little idea.  I only remember noting how much fun it would be to do and then forgot about it ...

... until I was looking thru my FW book and came across this block. 

I've been skipping over it A LOT - I just couldn't settle on color placement & value.  But then a lightbulb turned on in my head when I remembered the fabulous idea and this block was born!

I think it's super cute.

#70 - Prairie Queen

Flipping thru my book again looking for another design that would work all scrappy and found this one.

I completely ignored the original color/value placement and only paid attention to the cut pieces.  It looks TOTALLY different from the original, but I like it, despite the rather obnoxious volume.  I started by cutting one of each of the same squares for the other block and then added a few more favorites.

If you look carefully, you'll notice I made the 4-patches in color pairs and positioned them opposite each other.  I like how it brings just a little bit of order to the crazy bold scrappiness.

I have a feeling I'll be looking at these happy colors a lot today instead of out my window as 20 cm (8") of snow are expected to fall today ... life in Canada.


Daisychain Sampler "R"

R is for I'm on a ROLL here!

And if you're Canadian, it's also for RRROLL up the RIM to win time, eh?!  LOL!  I actually went into a trash can yesterday because I forgot to roll up my rim before I threw out my cup ... didn't win anything though.

For those of you who have absolutely no flippin' idea what I'm talking about, lemme 'splain.  There's a famous national donut chain (yes, there is some merit to the stereotype about Canadians & their donuts) called Tim Hortons - locally known as Tim's, Timmie's, Hortons ... and probably other nicknames I haven't heard. 

Tim Horton was a hockey player turned entrepreneur.  And may I just throw down the gauntlet by saying that Tim Hortons beats Krispy Kreme (an American donut chain) every day of the week and twice on Sundays.   Other donut shops have gone head to head with Tim's, but none have lasted. 

Just sayin'.

So once or twice a year, Tim's has a nationwide contest where you have a chance to win a prize ranging from a free coffee or donut to a car.  The potential prize is hidden under the rolled edge of a paper cup, hence the term "roll up the rim" - and you have to roll the R like you're Scottish. 

I don't drink coffee.  Tim's does have a nice steeped tea, but I can get tea for free at home.  And then there's also the thing about me not having enough self control to walk into a donut shop and NOT order a donut ... so "just a cup of tea" ALWAYS turns into "a medium steeped tea, double double (that's how I order cream & sugar) and a 10 (or 20) pack of assorted Timbits".

However, yesterday I was at the swimming pool for an hour on a field trip with my daughter and I WASN'T allowed to bring any stitching because then I wouldn't be WATCHING her jump off the diving board like I promised.  And I also didn't have time to make a cup before I left home.  But there just so happened to be a Tim's drive-thru on the way to the pool ...

But I digress.

LOL!  I'm gonna make all you non-Canadians at least honorary citizens by virtue of meaningless trivia about this fine country if it KILLS me!!!  LOL!  You can thank me next time you're struggling for a topic of conversation and you find yourself talking about donuts and Snowy Owls at a cocktail party. ;)

All right, all right!  Keep your shirt on ... here comes the Sampler.

I wasn't sure if this dark brown & light pink would work together.

I was worried the dark would end up super loud ...

... and the delicate pink would disappear.

I don't think that happened.  I am totally diggin' how it turned out.


Daisychain Sampler "Q"

The first time I did a search for something on the internet was in June 2002 for my first daughter's first birthday.  I wanted to take a picture of her wearing a fairy crown made from the pink daisies growing under our kitchen window.  But I'd never made one before so I Googled "How to make a Fairy Crown." 

Here's how it turned out. 

That's my little cutie almost 10 years ago. 

(Sorry 'bout the quality - they're photos of photos ... remember, I took them back in "the olden days" before I had a digital camera!  LOL!)

A few years later, I made another one for my second daughter.  This time we were on a holiday (and she was almost 18 months ... you know how it goes with the second child ...)  No pink daisies to be found, but there were tons of white ones.

This is the little munchkin who made the anniversary embroidery I showed last week.

Is it normal that looking at these pictures of my babies makes my heart ache?  I miss that new baby smell & the squooshy squoosh & pudgy cheeks & baby giggles & tiny fingers & them sleeping in my arms. 

(Sigh.)  Anyhow. 

This is my long way of explaining WHY I wanted to make this "Daisychain Sampler" in the first place.  Seriously.  It was this post on Alicia's blog that sold me.

And now with this letter?  I would do the entire alphabet with this style of letter.  Really, I would!

I admit to almost wishing I'd used a darker background fabric so I could make the daisies white.

But I think this pale buttery yellow worked out so beautifully.

Normally, I'm a little (ok, a lot) fussy about my lazy daisy petals being exactly the same length and perfectly spaced around each flower.  But in this application, I felt the haphazard, "natural" approach would suit this letter best.

So I let go of my OCD perfectionist tendencies and just let the petals be where they wanted to be.  Some flowers with 5 petals and some with 6 ... and a few are just half flowers. 

Love it.

Something told me to go with my favorite blue as the flower centers.

Could you not just weep? 

Isn't it THE.most.unbelievably.pretty.letter.EVER?!